:: 05-Jul-2007 - Play Art Festival, Arezzo
submitted by Roberto Ferri

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P1000519.JPG (800x600)

P1000526 THE HEAT.JPG (800x600)

P1000531 THE HEAT.JPG (600x800)

P1000535 THE HEAT.JPG (600x800)

P1000537 THE HEAT.JPG (800x600)

P1000541 THE HEAT.JPG (600x800)

P1000557.JPG (600x800)

P1000558 INTRUDER.JPG (800x600)

P1000559 IM THE INTRUDER.JPG (600x800)

P1000581.JPG (800x600)

P1000589.JPG (800x600)

P1000597.JPG (800x600)

P1000602.JPG (800x600)

P1000606.JPG (600x800)

P1000607.JPG (600x800)

P1000609.JPG (800x600)

P1000613.JPG (800x600)

P1000635.JPG (600x800)

P1000642.JPG (800x600)

P1000645.JPG (600x800)

P1000646.JPG (800x600)

P1000648.JPG (600x800)

P1000649.JPG (800x600)

P1000650.JPG (800x600)

P1000655.JPG (800x600)

P1000656.JPG (800x600)

P1000658.JPG (800x600)

P1000671.JPG (800x600)

P1000681.JPG (600x800)

P1000684.JPG (600x800)

P1000688.JPG (800x600)

P1000691.JPG (800x600)

P1000692.JPG (800x600)

P1000693.JPG (800x600)

P1000706.JPG (600x800)

P1000713.JPG (600x800)

P1000736 SECRET WORLD.JPG (600x800)

P1000737 SECRET WORLD.JPG (800x600)

P1000742 SECRET WORLD.JPG (600x800)

P1000748.JPG (800x600)

P1000765.JPG (800x600)

P1000769.JPG (800x600)

P1000771.JPG (800x600)

P1000772.JPG (800x600)

P1000773.JPG (800x600)

P1000775.JPG (800x600)

P1000790.JPG (600x800)

P1000791.JPG (800x600)

P1000802.JPG (800x600)

P1000803.JPG (800x600)

P1000804.JPG (800x600)

P1000805.JPG (800x600)

P1000806.JPG (800x600)

P1000807.JPG (800x600)

P1000808.JPG (800x600)

P1000809.JPG (800x600)

P1000810.JPG (800x600)

P1000811.JPG (800x600)

P1000812.JPG (800x600)

P1000817.JPG (800x600)

P1000820.JPG (800x600)

P1000821.JPG (800x600)

P1000822.JPG (800x600)

P1000823.JPG (800x600)

P1000824.JPG (800x600)

P1000825.JPG (800x600)

P1000827.JPG (800x600)

P1000838 IN YOUR EYES.JPG (800x600)

P1000887.JPG (600x800)

P1000891.JPG (800x600)

P1000895.JPG (800x600)

P1000897.JPG (800x600)

P1000900.JPG (800x600)

P1000903.JPG (800x600)

P1000909.JPG (800x600)

P1000912.JPG (600x800)

P1000913.JPG (800x600)

P1000914.JPG (800x600)

P1000915.JPG (800x600)

P1000927.JPG (800x600)

P1000934.JPG (800x600)

P1000954 BIKO.JPG (600x800)

P1000956 BIKO.JPG (800x600)

P1000958 BIKO.JPG (600x800)

P1000981 BIKO.JPG (600x800)

P1000982 BIKO.JPG (600x800)

P1000986 BIKO.JPG (600x800)

P1000988 BIKO.JPG (600x800)

P1000989 BIKO.JPG (600x800)