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Over the years, a number of bootlegs have been released or have surfaced that have turned out to be "fake". This page will start to list them. If you have something to contribute, please email me at simon@genesis-movement.org - Please feel free to disagree and contest these.

Fake Date Fake Location Real Date Real Location Details
22-Nov-71 Watford Technical College 04-Mar-72 Watford Technical College  
1/72 "Live in Basel" Basel (Switzerland) 16-Jan-72 Arlon (Belgium), Charleroi Festival
04-Oct-1972 Music Hall, Aberdeen
19-Sep-72 Marquee Club However, a real copy of the Aberdeen show is in existence.
26-Jun-72 Olympia Paris 30-Sep-72 Kennington Oval  

Oval Hyde Park

30-Sep-72 Kennington Oval  

Cooksferry Inn, Edmonton

30-Sep-72 Kennington Oval  

Marquee Club, London

19-Sep-72 Marquee Club  
17-Dec-1972 Philharmonic Hall, NY
24-Feb-73 Manchester Supper's Ready is the same. Just listen to "Hey my baby, don't you know our
love is true". The high end of "baby" and the short silence before "true" are exactly
21-Jan-73 Rome 19-Jan-73 Rome  
21-Jan-73 Rome 19-Jan-73 Rome  
03/73 Carnegie Hall 24-Feb-73 & 25-Feb-73
Free Trade Hall, Manchester & DeMontfort Hall, Leicester
Just a fake release of the official Live album
30-Sep-73 Olympia Theatre Paris 19-Sep-73 Olympia Theatre Paris  
07-Nov-73 Capitole, Quebec 19-Sep-73 Olympia Theatre Paris  
12-Dec-73 Miami 09-Mar-74 Miami Same show, different recording
18-Apr-74 Centre de Congres - Quebec 07-Nov-74 Theatre Capitol - Quebec  
23-Apr-74 Quebec 21-Apr-74 Montreal  
29-Apr-74 "A Voice In The Dream" - Cleveland 28-04-74 Cleveland Incorrectly dated Highland artwork
23-Jun-74 "Live In London" Wembley Arena 15-Apr-75 Empire Pool, Wembley  
29-Oct-74 Newcastle 07-Dec-74 NYC  
12-Apr-75 Connecticut '75 11-Jan-75 Lakeland, Florida  
19-Feb-75 Oslo 15-Apr-75 Empire Pool, London  
24-Apr-75 Newcastle 07-Dec-74 NYC  
1982 "Perpetual Soundwave"
29-Nov-81 NYC, Nassau Colliseum USA true, 1982 wrong. This is from the show where Three Sides Live was taken from. Only Follow you follow me is from 7-May-1980, London Lyceum (but that's also on Three Sides Live)
- The Lamb Descends On Waterbury
Label - Oxygen OXY 089-090
10-Jan-75 West Palm Beach Conventio  
29-Jan-75 Live In San Diego 11-Jan-75
Lakeland, Florida  
26-Feb-75 Palais des Grottes, Cambrai, France
Porte De Versailles, Paris There is also a legitimate version of 26-Feb-75 around
01-Mar-75 Palais Des Sports, Dijon
Porte De Versailles, Paris  
02-Mar-75 Palais des Sports, St Etienne
Porte De Versailles, Paris  
27-May-75 Palais des Sports, St Etienne 03-Mar-75 Porte De Versailles, Paris  
21-May-75 Cambrai 26-Feb-75 Cambrai  
16-Jun-76 Rotterdam 15-Jun-76 Cambrai There are at least two legitimate versions of the 16th June show in circulation, however the real venue is Den Haag, not Rotterdam. The fake Rotterdam show can be recognised by Phil speaking in French. The real 16th show can be recognised by Phil saying that he had trouble speaking French the night before.
77 "I Know What I Like" Paris     Taken from Seconds Out!
03-Apr-78 Bloomington 09-Apr-78 Bloomington GENESIS - DEEP IN THE MOTHERLODE (2CD)
label: AYANAMI
11-Apr-80 Gaumont Theatre, Southampton 10-Apr-80 Gaumont Theatre, Southampton It is just a slightly cleaner version of the Gaumout Theatre show from the previous night, which is a common recording.
04-May-80 Drury Lane 07-May-80 Lyceum

Genesis in Concert LP was often mistaken for the Drury Lane show due to an incorrect announcement made at the beginning of the broadcast.

Words from Nicky Horne when asked about the confusion - "I'm afraid that my memory of the events is  very hazy, and I spoke to Trevor White who is now the Planet Rock programme director, but who was also my producer at Capital, and who remembers being in the recording truck at Drury  Lane and remembers the night, he also remembers that there was some kind of "muck up" although they were not quite the words he used!, but he can't recall what specifically happened. My memory may be playing tricks with me, but I  do seem to recall a dispute between Capital and Hit and Run around the recording relating to exclusivity"

19-Aug-82 Columbia 06-Aug-82 Los Angeles The person who has been tampering with this show has deliberately cut out Los Angeles out of Phils goodevening speech, but you can still hear him say "Goodevening Los....". The rest of his speech is exactly the same as on Aug 6th 1982. Including people sitting on the grass, the threatening rain and bthe place never been finished.
1981 Live USA - Label: Imtrat 920.031 1983 - This is most probably from 1983, Because it features Mama, Illegal Alien and
some other songs that are not from 1981
1981 Three Nights In Philly - USA 27-Nov-83 Philadelphia Also, Behind The Lines and No Reply At All are from the Nassau gig of 29-Nov-81 which might explain where the fake date of 1981 comes from.
16-Dec-81 Home By The Sea / No Replay At All - Philadelphia 27-Nov-83 Philadelphia Repackaged set identical to Three Nights In Philly (see above)
06-Jun-92 "Live at the Skydome"
Toronto (Canada)
09-May-92 Astrodome, Houston The bootleggers tried to be smart to cut a part of the "Turn it on again"-talk where Phil says "Astrodo-me". When they were really smart, they should have omitted "Mama" and "Dreaming while you sleep", used fade in fade out and changed the song order a bit. The red Canadian flag on the front cover makes it clear
1992 Live USA - Label: Imtrat 920.033 - - A compilation of tracks probably from LA Forum 86 and Knebworth 92
01-Jul-92 Stade Gerland, Lyon
30-Jun-92 Stade Gerland, Lyon The 01-Jul-92 show was cancelled, so it must be from the previous night.
05-Jul-92 Olympiastadion, Munich
Olympiastadion, Munich The show on the 5th was postponed
20-Jul-92 "Espace Grammont, Montpellier"
Basel, Switzerland
02-Aug-92 Knebworth  
26-Jul-92 "But You Can Dance"
Montpellier (France)
02-Aug-92 Knebworth  
- 18 Million Dollars To Dance - USA
02-Aug-92 Knebworth The bootleggers have tried to edit out the air horn at the beginning of Land Of Confusion, pretty unsuccesfully
28-Nov-82 Phil Collins - From Phil With Love - Hammersmith Odeon 20-Feb-83 Washington  

Thanks go to Willem Beens, Mark Bataitis and A Very Stupid Individual, so far...

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