:: 30-Jun-2007 - Parc Des Princes, Paris
submitted by Dave Walker & Unknown

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011 - No son of mine 4.JPG (800x450)

019 - In the cage 6.JPG (600x800)

030 - Home by the sea 2.JPG (800x450)

033 - Seconde home by the sea 2.JPG (800x450)

042 - Firth of fifth 3.JPG (800x450)

045 - I know what i like 3.JPG (800x450)

057 - Ripples 4.JPG (800x450)

063 - Throwing it all away 3.JPG (800x450)

073 - Drum duet 4.JPG (800x450)

075 - Dance on the volcano 2.JPG (800x450)

080 - Los Endos 3.JPG (800x450)

092 - Invisible touch 6.JPG (800x450)

095 - I can't dance 3.JPG (800x450)

DSCF0158.JPG (600x450)

DSCF0160.JPG (600x450)

DSCF0189.JPG (600x450)

DSCF0195.JPG (600x450)

DSCF0196.JPG (600x450)

DSCF0224.JPG (600x450)

DSCF0226.JPG (600x450)

DSCF0230.JPG (600x450)

DSCF0236.JPG (450x600)

DSCF0237.JPG (600x450)

DSCF0239.JPG (600x450)

DSCF0240.JPG (600x450)

DSCF0241.JPG (600x450)

DSCF0245.JPG (600x450)

DSCF0250.JPG (600x450)

DSCF0252.JPG (600x450)

DSCF0257.JPG (600x450)

DSCF0263.JPG (600x450)

SL552116.JPG (800x450)