17-Apr-1980, City Hall, Sheffield, England - Albert In Wonderland

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Title Albert In Wonderland
(I4detail 001)
Date 17-Apr-1980
Venue City Hall, Sheffield
Country England Type FM
  England Quality * A-
  Media 2CD-R
Track # Track Name
Track Length
1.1Deep In The Motherlode
1.2Dancing With The Moonlit Knight / Carpet Crawlers
1.4One For The Vine
1.5Behind The Lines
1.6Duchess / Guide Vocal / Turn It On Again
1.7Duke's Travels / Duke's End
1.8The Lady Lies
2.1Say It's Alright Joe
2.3In The Cage
2.4Afterglow (07-May-80 Lyceum)
2.5Follow You, Follow Me
2.6Dance On A Volcano / Los Endos
2.7I Know What I Like (Sheffield / Lyceum)
Total Running Time :

Recording Comments Recording comments
Runs far too slowly, which spoils it for me. Also has sections spliced in from the Lyceum show. [LivingForever]

i4detail release.

Here's the good, bad and the ugly:

GOOD: contains all introductions and is a generally crisp copy of the FM broadcast;

BAD: the playback is slow, noticeably and painfully slow;

UGLY: the splice into Afterglow from another show, whilst well-intentioned, is not clean at all. The sudden jump in pitch sounds bad (highlighting the issue under "bad") and the splice is not very clean either.

The "slow" problem may have been with the source (and not because of the good folks at I4Detail) but it can be corrected using today's digital mastering tools (easier) or...by simply re-recording from the analogue audio source using a slightly faster tape speed (better) and matching the pitch to something "in tune".

The splice would sound better if the slowness is corrected, but it should still be a better splice especially using today's non-linear digital audio tools. I could help on both accounts.... [VariousArtist]
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Show Memories Show memories
The man who shouts 'Albatross' during the story of Albert - I was that soldier. Also Mike split his yellow trousers at the start of the gig - no smoke machines allowed so the roadies came on smoking instead.[Dave Hodgson]
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