17-Apr-1980, City Hall, Sheffield, England - Live In Sheffield

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Title Live In Sheffield
(TM Productions GEN800417TM)
Date 17-Apr-1980
Venue City Hall, Sheffield
Country England Type FM
  England Quality * A+
  Media 2CD-R
Track # Track Name
Track Length
1.1Deep In The Motherlode
1.2Dancing With The Moonlit Knight
1.3The Carpet Crawlers
1.5One For The Vine
1.6Behind The Lines
1.8Guide Vocal
1.9Turn It On Again
1.10Duke's Travels
1.11Duke's End
2.2Say It's Alright Joe
2.3The Lady Lies
2.5In The Cage
2.6The Colony Of Slippermen
2.8Follow You, Follow Me
2.9Dance On A Volcano
2.10Drum Duet
2.11Los Endos
2.12I Know What I Like
Total Running Time :

Recording Comments Recording comments
Finally, a remaster that does this show full justice. The sound is worlds beyond SAB 12, which was way better than any of the old versions - and the quality of this makes me beg for more TM-relesaes! The sound is a *tiny* bit metallic at places, which would be due to the excessive noice reduction performed on some parts, but that is more than easily forgiven, and overall I'd rate the sound quality somewhere between 95 and 98 %. [kaspergm]

It's another "A+"...

"A+" for the big improvement that this recording has gained from the old BURP and even from the excellent SAB remaster.
"A+" for Tom and his great work on those precious tapes.
The sound itself should be classified as an A/A-, as kasper said, there's a flanging sound (due to the necessary NR added) on the highs that sometimes modulate Phil's vocals and the cymbals... BUT, and let me say BUT, that's a so-exciting experience for take a trip back to 1980 and enjoy this performance in a way that you've never listened before.

Tom, thank you again.

Gigio. [gigio67]

Much better than the other versions that are out there. Great job again Tom. [mdekoning]

oh my goodness. this is the most beautiful performance of duchess i have ever heard. why have i been listening to the lyceum show for so long??? [bryantm3]

If Lyceum '80 is A+, then this show is more like a B+. It is nice, but sound quality and balance issues (prsumably in the source) make this less essential now IMO. [ca1ore]

Tom did a wonderful job with what he had here but we are dealing with a source that just cannot compare to the stellar quality of the May 7th Lyceum show. Being aware of the sluggish quality of the broadcast to begin with, this was a good job but still sounds a tiny bit on the slow side to me. However, it is highly enjoyable and Tom is to be praised highly for this!! Definitely recommended! Love the Duke Suite on this one! [duke23]
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