17-Apr-1980, City Hall, Sheffield, England - SAB 12

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Title SAB 12
(SAB 12)
Date 17-Apr-1980
Venue City Hall, Sheffield
Country England Type FM
  England Quality * A
  Media 2CD-R
Track # Track Name
Track Length
1.1Deep In The Motherlode
1.2Dancing With The Moonlit Knight
1.3Carpet Crawlers
1.5One For The Vine
1.6Behind The Lines
1.8Guide Vocal
1.9Turn It On Again
1.10Duke's Travels
1.11Duke's End
1.12Say It's Alright Joe
2.1Phil Talking
2.2The Lady Lies
2.4In The Cage / Raven
2.6Follow You, Follow Me
2.7Dance On A Volcano / Drum Duet
2.8Los Endos
2.9I Know What I Like
Total Running Time :

Recording Comments Recording comments
Notes from Dan : The Hallam FM source was provided by Tony Ryan, which he says is at least a 2nd gen FM, but probably a 1st. The source recording (two cassettes) were transferred direct to digital as WAV's. They suffered from the same speed abnormalities as all other versions of this show. The WAV CD's were sent to 'Speedy' Sussman for speed correction (how appropriate) and editing. A couple of snippets were used from another source for a couple of song intros but the music portions are all from Tony's excellent source. The remastering was done be me in the usual (analog) way. Upon review, the initial version was lacking in highs, so I made a few tweaks in digital land using Adobe Audition with a couple of WAVES plug-ins. Audio CD's were then sent to Mr. Sussman, which he SHN'd and put on the hub. [Simon_Funnell]

Call me biased, but this one is the best of the Sheffield bunch. [speedy]

I can't disagree with Speedy, finally a version of this show that I actually want to listen to.

I really want to give this an A+ just for running at the right speed and all coming from one source, but it can't quite compare to the best Pre-FMs (of other shows) out there so it gets a good solid A. Well worth tracking down even if you have one or all of the other versions. [LivingForever]

I'd had these tapes since 1980 and had been advocating them as a great source for many years - but with the other versions about there was not much interest. Speedy and Dan have done a superb job and am very glad that they now have a wider audience - my earleir version of these (non-speed corrected) is out as CRAP01.
Tony [CaptainRansid]

Once again, this remaster showcases Dan's ability with FM sourced recordings.
He achieved a great result over a very good sounding source tape.
This is easily the best version of the concert.
AV [squonkduke]
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