02-Jul-1977, Hallenstadion, Zurich, Switzerland - Zurich Revisited

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Title Zurich Revisited
(Digital Brothers Production)
Date 02-Jul-1977
Venue Hallenstadion, Zurich
Country Switzerland Type Matrix
  Switzerland Quality * A+
  Media 2CD-R
Track # Track Name
Track Length
1.2One For The Vine
1.3Robbery, Assault & Battery
1.4Inside And Out
1.5Firth Of Fifth
1.6Carpet Crawlers
1.7In That Quiet Earth
1.9I Know What I Like
2.1Eleventh Earl Of Mar
2.2Supper's Ready
2.3Dance on A Volcano
2.4Drum Duet
2.5Los Endos
2.6The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway
2.7The Musical Box
Total Running Time :

Recording Comments Recording comments
Matrix of audience and soundboard recordings [Simon_Funnell]

Felt like I was in the Hallenstadion seeing Genesis!! The power of this Matrix is astounding. Never has such a restoration project moved me so much. It is a kaleidosocopic of sounds and the mastering a true labor of love. Great work and grazie to digital brother Paolo! Let the Dance Begin...
Digital brother Roger [Simon_Funnell]

That's just my own impression, but again, like it was for Tom's remaster for the 3-1-77, I feel that this revisitation sounds a little bit "unnatural" even if the attempt of the great DB was the opposite. I still think that Zurich is the best 1977 soundboard and that (maybe with the exeception of the "re-joined" Carpet Crawlers) overworking on it was not so necessary. This version sound surely pleasurable and more near to "Seconds Out" that the previous, but the "matrix" give a soft "phasing shift" effect all over, and the widened image has steal a bit of dynamics to the master version. Anyway, grazie mille Paolo, this version is a must-have to enjoy in a different way this wonderful performance. G. [Gigio67]

Amongst all the recordings I made myself and the many, many bootlegs I collected over the last 30 years, this matrix is sound quality wise the most excellent unofficial live CD I came across so far. Compliments to the wizard behind ProTools who delivered this incredible work synching two analogue recordings made on two different machines and still managing tape flutter, aliasing and all the vicious little stones in the way which usually make such an undertaking "impossible"...

the guy who held the MD421s... [Simon_Funnell]

Only an official "Seconds Out Complete" will top this for me! [davebriddon]

Better than Seconds Out? A tall order, but the DBs make a credible run at it here...without the benefit of studio overdubs after the fact! This, along with Sao Paulo and Southampton, are the must-have shows from this tour.

This show has the advantage of being the complete show and being free of the aforementioned overdubs. I was especially impressed at how seamlessly the two sources were merged. I couldn't tell where the changeover in Carpet Crawlers occurred. Great job all around and a great contribution to the trading pool!

This is the last high quality show with Steve H., and his second to last show with Genesis. Boots from the next night, Munich, aren't nearly as good (lots of distortion and audience noise), and it is missing the Musical Box portion of the encore. So...this show has historical significance as well.

I have mixed feelings about this. This audience/soundboard matrix sounds indeed closer to Seconds out than the soundboard (that's a compliment), but new problems have been introduced. The audience over the beginning of several tracks is quite annoying and there's a slight phasing on Phil's vocals, especially audible during his introductions. [mdekoning]

I love it.

Great job, Paolo! [speedy]

Great matrix of audience and soundboard. It feels like I'm actually in Zurich seeing Genesis live. [legalbeagle]

It sounds pretty good, also the setlist is very nice with Inside and Out. What makes me a little bit angry is that the Fade Out is for me placed on the wrong places. Look at Squonk, at about 0:25 when the Audience Fades away, this sounds for me too mechanic. And Cant Believe that the Audience was so quiet at one part of the Squonk...Anyway, Its a great mix, but still I Prefer a pure SDB than this Matrix mix ;-) [chinwildchicken]

Not sure why I never listened to this version until now. Perhaps a couple of the comments held me back. Without a doubt, this is the finest complete W&W version out there. Simply fantastic - the matrix works really well in my opinion, and it really feels like being there but with enhanced sound. [roberthking3]
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