02-Jul-1977, Hallenstadion, Zurich, Switzerland

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42 years, 8 months, 29 days ago.

(Digital Brothers Production)
Date 02-Jul-1977
Venue Hallenstadion, Zurich
Country Switzerland Type Soundboard
  Switzerland Quality * A+
  Media 2CD-R
Track # Track Name
Track Length
1.2One For The Vine
1.3Robbery, Assault & Battery
1.4Inside And Out
1.5Firth Of Fifth
1.6Carpet Crawlers (Beginning Cut)
1.7In That Quiet Earth
1.9I Know What I Like
2.1Eleventh Earl Of Mar
2.2Supper's Ready
2.3Dance On A Volcano
2.4Drum Duet
2.5Los Endos
2.6The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway / The Musical Box (Closing Section)
Total Running Time :

Recording Comments Recording comments
Wonderful Pro-Tooled version - sounds fantastic [Simon_Funnell]

FINALLY someone pays some attention to Zurich. Now just about as good as Sao Paolo. [speedy]

A Must Have!! Better than the rest! [meek]

Throw away all the other versions you have and get this one! [wbeens]

Wow!! what a great sound, Digital brothers has done a great job, Every genesis fan must have this Recording. [David35]

Absolutely stunning quality - everything is crisp & clear. Great job! [supernaturalpharmacist]

Apart from the inclusion of Cinema Show from 76 on Seconds Out, this closely challenges it for my perfect evenings listening. [davebriddon]

The definate 1977 set to get. Essential. The way "Seconds Out" should have sounded :-) The second last gig with Hackett :-( [PaulHarald]

1 word - perfect [Genesisguru]

I always liked this tour more than any other, perhaps it's the great set or the atmosphere of this tour, I don't know why. When I first heard the GRU Release, I was completely surprised because a new Soundboard concert of this tour has been discovered. But then, I heard the version of the Digital Brothers and I was completely blown away! It sounds really like an official release, everyone is clear in the mix and it's nearly a complete performance of, in my oppinion, the best Genesis Tour. Only the Beginning of "Carpet Crawles" has a cut. A MUST HAVE! [gedlynch]

Absolutely the best of 1977 remasters, clearly superior to Sao Paulo; I would give an A+++ :-) [Gigio67]

The best Digital Brothers release! Absolutely stunning! :) [Jesper Moonen]

Better than Sao Paolo. Unfortunately "Carpet crawlers" is incomplete. [mdekoning]
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Simon_Funnell (A+), Matt McMad, LivingForever (A+), Jesper Moonen (A+), wbeens (A+), neilston42, Chiffi_Argentina, davebriddon (A+), Tradax, Slipperman, CaptainRansid (A+), ChrisfromPhilly (A+), meek (A+), magnetopat, therealovo, LaTortue, tori (A+), michrist (A+), speedy (A+), Soulier, dnhartle, dr.dado, jvkl (A+), SimonH (A+), supernaturalpharmacist (A+), dalton (A+), squonk100, andykeego (A+), birdust, bwiberg (A+), Genesiskev, hecko, David35 (A+), egpx (A+), CaptainNed, jgromada (A), Southpaw, NeilC (A+), PaulHarald (A+), bizon, Genesisguru, earlofendos (A+), richiemcg, lamb79 (A+), volvoRman, Eppingen (A+), UK76 (A+), Gigio67 (A+), SantiBanks (A), Acolyte (A+), fosco (A+), Gabriel12 (A+), ripples78, Ecki, mlpain24, Salmacis62 (A+), mdekoning (A+), cirrus (A+), patanjali, Jangley (A+), rudystammer, vanbijo, jackson, shootingstar (A+), holden, squonkman (A+), Face-Value (A+), Schniwupo42 (A), tmmadhatter, Squonkendos, Langemozo (A+), musicalbox_71 (A+), ACE (A+), zervin (A+), lurker11, Etem_T, AndrewKeego
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