27-Sep-1982, Marquee Club, London, England - Master Of Marquee

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Title Master Of Marquee
Date 27-Sep-1982
Venue Marquee Club, London
Country England Type Audience
  England Quality * A
  Media 2CD-R
Track # Track Name
Track Length
1.1Dance On A Volcano
1.2Behind The Lines
1.3Follow You, Follow Me
1.4Dodo / Lurker
1.6Supper's Ready
2.1Man On The Corner
2.4In The Cage
2.5Cinema Show / Slippermen
2.7Turn It On Again
2.8Drum Duet
2.9Los Endos
2.10The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway / Watcher Of The Skies
2.11I Know What I Like
Total Running Time :

Recording Comments Recording comments
Recorded by Colin Dodd and transfered onto cd from his original master tapes. This copy is a direct copy of Colin's cds.

Blows away earlier 1st gen versions such as BURP27 [speedy]

Amazing, clear, punchy; sounds more like a DAT than a walkman tape recording... a must-have. [Gigio67]

One of the best Genesis audience recordings ever. [mdekoning]

Well, an A- because of the exceptional mastering job of an '82 audience recording. However, the show itself is more nostalgic than exceptional in regards to the performance on the night. Phil seems to have a tough time with the "club PA" environment (and the apparent lack of air conditioning). Mike seems lost in Abacab, etc. Even the "Satin Doll" intros of Chester and Daryl fall flat to some extent. And whose idea was it to slot in "Man On the Corner" after "Supper's Ready!" And no “The Knife” for the British faithful, a misstep in my view. So, overall an important gig for the venue, and interesting to hear some of the banter between Phil and various audience members. But not an absolute "classic" gig for the reasons stated above. Peace! [jrromman]
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