30-Oct-1981, Festhalle, Frankfurt, Germany - Live In Frankfurt Am Main

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Title Live In Frankfurt Am Main
(TM Productions GEN811030TM)
Date 30-Oct-1981
Venue Festhalle, Frankfurt
Country Germany Type Soundboard
  Germany Quality * A+
  Media 2CD-R
Track # Track Name
Track Length
1.1Behind The Lines
1.3The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway
1.4Dodo / Lurker
1.6Carpet Crawlers
1.7Me And Sarah Jane
1.9No Reply At All
1.10Firth Of Fifth
2.1Man On The Corner
2.2Who Dunnit?
2.3In The Cage / Cinema Show / Slippermen
2.5Turn It On Again
2.6Dance On A Volcano
2.7Drum Duet
2.8Los Endos
2.9I Know What I Like
Total Running Time :

Recording Comments Recording comments
Literally the best Genesis bootleg ever. Not only has a full Abacab soundboard show been the hottest dream of quite a number of Genesis fans - including this one - for years, but Tom has made this one sound absolutely terrific. In terms of sound, the only thing there is to complain about is a slight distortion of the base in the back channels in some of the louder parts, but really, you have to be obsessive to find that an issue. Apart from that, sound is razor sharp and crystal clear without being overrepresented in any of the channels. The performance is superb, and apart from a few embarasing song introductions in German (or should I say, an attempt at German) you'll be hard pressed to find a recording where Phil sounds better than this one. Essential. [kaspergm]

If you are a fan of the abacab show, you HAVE to own this without delay!! fantastic show, fantastic quality and if you play Bass, this comes cross very very well clear and crisp on this recording, one of the best soundboard remasters ever. [aquiel]

Without a doubt already the best Abacab boot aroud. A must have for every fan. [symfan]

Well this one is now the "gold standard" for the Abacab tour, no question. Gotta be an A+ because nothing else is as good. Comments: Love being able to hear the backing vocals on "Carpet Crawlers" - which are nicely done; Poor Mike can seem to find the right opening note on "Lamb"; The absolute best version of "Behind the Lines" - goes right on the All Time Best Genesis Live Album; I dug the "foreshadowing" by Phil when, in response to a heckler, he says "We don't play Supper's Ready." All in all, a must have. Brilliant work by the TM guys. Peace! [jrromman]

What an amazing recording!Superb sound quality! Contains one of Phil's best live renditions of Man On The Corner I've heard, definitely a Musthave. [dusk]
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What an amazing recording!Superb sound quality! Contains one of Phil's best live renditions of Man On The Corner I've heard, definitely a Musthave. [dusk]
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Simon_Funnell (A+), Matt McMad, Kaspergm (A+), Symfan (A+), neilston42, Chiffi_Argentina, davebriddon (A+), Slipperman, CaptainRansid (A+), ProgScape, meek, magnetopat, therealovo, joeydrums, dnhartle, jvkl, vocaltange, SimonH (A+), andykeego (A+), liquidlen (A), thelonghello (A+), Genesiskev (A+), hecko, rickcoppola, Southpaw, bizon, octopus92 (A+), earlofendos (A+), lamb79 (A+), volvoRman, SantiBanks, Home_By_The_Sea, fosco (A+), Ecki, mlpain24, mdekoning (A+), TPhil90 (A+), cirrus (A+), Jangley (A+), Acadash (A+), misteroman (A+), rudystammer (A+), Logan5 (A+), vanbijo, jackson (A+), jtpcg123, rkipp (A+), 2Protect2ServeAll (A+), holden (A+), yild4genesis (A+), MetalMike (A+), SquonkinMN (A+), jrromman (A+), Blake, Dorsetbay (A+), maurirhs (A), fuelesfan, Face-Value (A+), Schniwupo42 (A+), philthetroll (A+), Squonkendos, OllieK79 (A+), davidraphael, donkey, musicalbox_71 (A+), Watcher09 (A+), andrewk (A+), Jack_Floyd (A+), neals, ACE (A+), hookstone, frdodd, flavio74100, Foxtrot_Argentina, earlofmar56, CptSky, squonkcat, greg, zervin (A+), counor01 (A+), CluckerMcBawk (A+), GenMan13, Etem_T, AndrewKeego
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