03-Jan-1977, Rainbow Theatre, London, England - Live In London

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Title Live In London
(TM Productions GEN770103TM)
Date 03-Jan-1977
Venue Rainbow Theatre, London
Country England Type Soundboard
  England Quality * A+
  Media 2CD-R
Track # Track Name
Track Length
1.1Eleventh Earl Of Mar
1.2The Carpet Crawlers
1.3Robbery, Assault & Battery
1.4Your Own Special Way
1.6One For The vine
1.7Firth Of Fifth
1.8All In A Mouse's Night
2.1Story Of Romeo & Juliet
2.2Supper's Ready
2.3I Know What I Like
2.4Dance on A Volcano
2.5Los Endos
2.6The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway
2.7The Musical Box (Closing Section)
Total Running Time :

Recording Comments Recording comments
This version is not for me the best one of two. Try to compare! [padoubibi]

Great cleanup job on One For The Vine and All in a Mouse's Night - those were pretty borked on the original source! [speedy]

One of the best W&W recordings. Easily on par with Sao Paolo and Zürich. [mdekoning]

Overall pretty solid and listenable recording, but there is some noticeable flutter and tape instability. Worth getting but others from '77 are cleaner. [pablo]
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Simon_Funnell (A+), Matt McMad, Jesper Moonen, Kaspergm, wbeens (A+), Symfan (A+), neilston42, Chiffi_Argentina, davebriddon (A+), xNearDark, Slipperman, CaptainRansid (A+), RexinLasVegas (A), chgars (A+), ProgScape, meek (A+), magnetopat, colinnaisbitt (A+), LaTortue (A+), speedy (A+), Soulier, dnhartle, dr.dado, ragnarock (A+), jvkl, SimonH (A+), dalton (A+), squonk100, andykeego (A+), hecko, David35 (A), Southpaw, NeilC (A+), octopus92 (A), earlofendos (A+), lamb79 (A+), volvoRman, Eppingen (A), Gigio67 (A-), fosco (A+), ripples78, mlpain24, padoubibi (A), mdekoning (A+), lolke (A), cirrus (A+), patanjali, Jangley (A+), Acadash (A+), misteroman (A+), rudystammer, Logan5 (A+), vanbijo, jackson, jtpcg123, rkipp (A), holden, MetalMike (A+), SquonkinMN (A+), Blake, Dorsetbay (A+), maurirhs, fuelesfan, Face-Value (A+), Schniwupo42 (A), tmmadhatter, Squonkendos (A+), davidraphael, donkey, musicalbox_71 (A+), Watcher09 (A+), andrewk (A+), hookstone, itbites, frdodd, aristote, earlofmar56, CptSky (A+), squonkcat, greg, zervin (A), counor01 (A+), CluckerMcBawk (A), rickson (A+), lurker11, benroberts79, GenMan13, Etem_T, AndrewKeego
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03-Jan-1977 Rainbow Theatre, London
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