03-Jan-1977, Rainbow Theatre, London, England

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Date 03-Jan-1977
Venue Rainbow Theatre, London
Country England Type Soundboard
  England Quality * A
  Media 2CD-R
Track # Track Name
Track Length
1.1Eleventh Earl Of Mar
1.2Carpet Crawlers
1.3Robbery, Assault & Battery
1.4Your Own Special Way
1.6One For The vine
1.7Firth Of Fifth
1.8All In A Mouse's Night
2.1Supper's Ready
2.2I Know What I Like
2.3Dance On A Volcano / Drum Duet
2.4Los Endos
2.5The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway / The Musical Box
Total Running Time :

Recording Comments Recording comments
This version is for me better than the TM Production one!!!!!!!!!!

I agree with padoubibi... I was amazed to discover this hidden recording, I love 1977 sets, and when I've played it, wow, such a pleasure! Surely it's a good "A", an average, quite clean soundboard of that era, ok, some flaws, some noises, but all ordinary, almost like or better than Earl's Court beloved tapes. So, when I saw the TM release, trusting the brand, I've taken it, hoping to find a good "rework" done on a pretty good source... but, with all the THANKFUL respect to (past, present and future) Tom's job, I've found the remastered version muddy, dead in the high frequencies, less punchy with an untasty digital ambience added.
That's my honest opinion... If I have to choose one version, that raw one sound definitively better.

G. [Gigio67]

This is the source recording that was used for the TM remaster. Naturally, it appears as if there were more high frequencies, but this impression comes from the reduced level of basses (typical for soundboard recordings). In fact, the remaster's frequency spectrum is quite close to Seconds Out. It was my aim to use the official recording as reference in sound. Adding artificial reverb (Lexicon 960L) is a matter of taste, no doubt. But I don't like the absence of it. A proper live recording needs room. This recording like most soundboards has not enough for my taste. [tom]

I like this one, and I like the TM version too.


I've listened to all again, so...
I agree with your point of wiew Tom, the sound should be considered in his whole spectrum, and certainly, in this case, you've gained body in the bottom, reaching a "softer" and "cleaner" impact. The "ambience" question is a personal matter, the raw soundboards sound usually too much dry, affecting the straight-connected instruments with no reverb in the mix (like Tony's RMI and ARP Pro Soloist, definitively cheesy without a room); but adding reverb to the whole mix of a poor-dynamic support like those kind of tape cassettes recording, always result in a little loss of punch with a blurrier sound. But that's not a rule. Some tracks, like "One For The Vine" and "Your Own Special Way" are really enjoyable on the remaster, especially in the quieter points (great denoising job!); some other, when the band is up on their notes, are better and sharper on the raw one. I like to have both versions (as usual), the remaster sounds really good on my Stax and Beyer Headphones, the other is better on my JBL's speaker with a high volume; so, thank you SO much again Tom for your work, and for all who have to choose a version, follow your taste, they're both great and they're both an "A", without a doubt. G. [Gigio67]
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