24-Jun-1977, Earls Court Arena, London, England - BURP 007

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Title BURP 007
(BURP 007)
Date 24-Jun-1977
Venue Earls Court Arena, London
Country England Type FM
  England Quality * A
  Media 2CD-R
Track # Track Name
Track Length
1.2One For The Vine
1.3Robbery, Assault And Battery
1.4Inside And Out
1.5Firth Of Fifth
1.6The Carpet Crawlers
1.7In That Quiet Earth
1.9I Know What I Like
2.1Eleventh Earl Of Mar
2.2Supper's Ready
2.3Dance On A Volcano
2.4... Los Endos
2.5The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway
2.6The Musical Box
2.7The Knife
Total Running Time :

Recording Comments Recording comments
Remastered 'Before Riches'

NOT Mark's best issue. I actually prefer Before Riches to this one - SAB 01 beats it hands down. [speedy]

I have never heard the original source of Before Riches nor have I heard any of the other sources like the SAB treatments. Based on what I have read and researched, this show sounds pretty rough and distorted no matter what version you grab. Nevertheless, when I heard this BURP version, I was expecting something horrid. However, it was not as bad as I was expecting. It is certainly listenable and I enjoyed it alot for what it was, warts and all. Supper's Ready was the only tune that sounded the most rough around the edges. Still, since we don't have a source for this show that is stellar, one can't really complain. [duke23]
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Show Memories Show memories
Having seen the 1st Jan Rainbow show we were eager to see how six months on the road had treated the band. The initial cool reviews of Chester's drumming were blown apart on this showing. His power/precision and the jazzy quality he brought to some numbers was superb.

So, a change to the starting number and Squonk was a great place to begin, if there were any nerves about being broadcast live on the radio it didn't show.

Again time and the songs just raced by, each in turn becoming a highlight.

Particular memories that still resonate..The sheer power of the ensemble playing during Hackett's part of Firth Of Fifth, you could feel the bass notes right through your heart...The intensity of the lights at the end of Afterglow,I swear I could feel the heat from them even in row 15 in the Arena...And it has to be the end of Supper's Ready, to hear that great swirling noise accompanying the swirling smoke, vivid lights and then the celestial laser cone enveloping Collins, I was gobsmaked and to prove it, remember standing there with my mouth hanging open.

Finally, a condensed Knife and out into the warm Earls Court evening. [PAD]
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Simon_Funnell (A), Matt McMad, jelleleistra, Salvi (A), squonkduke (B-), Kaspergm, Chiffi_Argentina, davebriddon (A), alex (A), Tradax, letraca (A-), GrahamMuz (A), casey1942 (A), Slipperman, CaptainRansid, Fred (A), chgars (A-), meek, therealovo, colinnaisbitt (A), gfac22 (A), LaTortue (A), Mal (A), dr.dado, locust_lover, jvkl (A), chip (A-), vocaltange, SimonH (A-), Wren (A), supernaturalpharmacist (A-), squonk100, andykeego (A), birdust, Genesiskev, hecko, CaptainNed, jgromada, PhilCollins2004, Southpaw, NeilC (A), six_of_the_best (A), volvoRman, Gigio67 (A-), mlpain24, liovaibnsalem, cirrus (A), Uffel (A), patanjali, Jangley (A), rudystammer, vanbijo, jackson, maurirhs, fuelesfan, Face-Value (A), Squonkendos, donkey, harrylecask, Watcher09 (A), neals, hookstone, frdodd, earlofmar56, squonkcat, zervin (A), GenMan13, Etem_T
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