24-Jun-1977, Earls Court Arena, London, England - SAB 01 Version 2

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Title SAB 01 Version 2
(SAB 01 V2)
Date 24-Jun-1977
Venue Earls Court Arena, London
Country England Type FM
  England Quality * A
  Media 2CD-R
Track # Track Name
Track Length
1.2One For The Vine
1.3Robbery, Assault & Battery
1.4Inside And Out
1.5Firth Of Fifth
1.6Carpet Crawlers
1.7In That Quiet Earth
1.9I Know What I Like
2.1Eleventh Earl Of Mar
2.2Supper's Ready
2.3Dance On A Volcano
2.4Los Endos
2.5The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway
2.6The Musical Box
2.7The Knife
Total Running Time :

Recording Comments Recording comments
This, as with other versions, is ruined with the dubbed and totally unecessary crownd noise over the song intros. [dnhartle]

I have also always wondered about the obviously fake crowd noise, but this is definitely a feature of the broadcast so this release can't be blamed for that! Like SAB01 v1 only without the flaws - essential for lovers of this show. [LivingForever]

Best remaster of the show, quite similar to BURP007 release; maybe only the original pre-fm reels could give final justice to that historic gig. [Gigio67]

Gotta give it an A- overall. To the good: Phil's vocal work on Inside and Out. And, the special "second" encore of The Knife for the loyal London crowd. To the bad: compared to Zurich Revisited, well, there is no comparison in terms of sound quality for virtually the same set and the same point in the same tour. Indeed, the sound quality, for an FM, sounds more like a poor-man's soundboard and an over-calibrated one at that. The total atmosphere of an inimate London gig is ruined by the piped in applause under the intros, just wipes the energy right out of the place. As far as the performances, sounds like the lads had some difficulty hearing one another in the room. In That Quiet Earth is, at best, loose, and the top of Los Endos is really off - especially for show 80 something of the tour. And Phil doesn't sing "On Broadway" during "The Lamb" until the last chorus. Perhaps there was an audience participation element - but it isn't picked up in the mix - leading again towards the soundboard angle. Not a bad recording for the collectors, but not a must have. Peace! [jrromman]

Though it has some noise throughout on occasion, it has a very nice full bodied sound. Not dull or muffled in any way. Definitely recommend! [Duke23]
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This was my fourth ever concert, I knew only 1 song all night but this remains the greatest concert I have ever seen. A friend recorded the show broadcast on Capital radio. Within a month I owned all the Genesis albums and new every song - Not bad for a boy of 14 earning #3.00 a week for a paper round. [IanB_UK]
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