18-May-1978, Eistadion, Mannheim, Germany - Three Dates With Genesis (DVD)

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Title Three Dates With Genesis (DVD)
Date 18-May-1978
Venue Eistadion, Mannheim
Country Germany Type Pro-Shot TV
  Germany Quality * A-
  Media 1DVD-R
Standard 4:3 Format PAL
Track Listing
Nationwide news programme. Includes clips from three European shows including Mannheim, Leiden and Knebworth

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Recording Comments Recording comments
Also includes bonus footage: German TV (5 minutes - including clips from Vienna Stadhalle and Ulm Summerfest) and Many Too May (alternate promo video).

This is the 'trade only' EFDVD and is not available for download or vining - find someone who has it and make a trade (and a new friend!) [LivingForever]

The source for the main feature was a very low generation tape kindly supplied by Chris Davies - and it offers the best picture in terms of stability that we had come across, having none of the annoying dropouts that affect most versions of this. Hopefully you will not be fooled by the screenshot of the Dallas 77 clip from this DVD which is much worse quality than the rest of the film, I suspect the BBC did not have access to a particularly good master for that! The alternate Many Too Many video clip is the one as seen in the main feature, but with slightly better picture and redubbed sound from the Platinum Collection remix. The Vienna and Ulm clips extracted from a documentary about Phil Collins broadcast on German TV in 1996. Sources came from Chris Davies, Alan Hewitt and Dave Bowler, and the DVD was authored by Willem Beens with art from Azzy Artworks. [LivingForever]
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Previously listed as 17-May-78. 18th is the corrected date [Simon_Funnell]
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