Genesis Collection 1978 (DVD)

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Title Genesis Collection 1978 (DVD)
(GMDVD 07)
Country Type Pro-Shot TV
  Quality * B+
  Media 1DVD+R
Standard NTSC Format 4:3
Track Listing
(Stadthalle, Austria - 28-Aug-79) Clips And Interviews - The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway / The Musical Box / In The Cage / Cinema Show / Afterglow - 18:46
(Sun Plaza Hall, Tokyo - 03-Dec-78)Eleventh Earl Of Mar / Dance On A Volcano / Drum Duet / Los Endos / I Know What I Like - 28:47
(Three Dates With Genesis - 1978) Interviews And Clips From European Tour - 15:47
(Unknown Source) 8mm Silent Footage With Dubbed Sound - 14:57
(Hamburg, Germany - 13-Jun-78) 8mm Silent Footage With Dubbed Sound - 06:58
(Durtmund, Germany - 14-Jun-78) 8mm Silent Footage With Dubbed Sound - 03:59 (Stadthalle, Austria - 28-Aug-79) Clips And Interviews From Rebroadcast - 06:44
Total Running Time : 1:35:58

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Recording Comments Recording comments
Does a good job of collecting up the 1978 material (although only the live portions of the 'Three Dates' documentary are included.) Unfortunately, there is no real "jewel in the crown" as with the other GMDVD releases so it's one of my less played, but still worth having! [LivingForever]

A full audience recording of the Leiden show exists and will likely surface soon. [earlofgenesis]

Yes, Leiden (in audio) should be released either just prior or just after the Christmas holiday. [MB]

Nice 8mm Footage, although they are all dubbed with Squonk and One for the Vine. Sadly the Dortmund Footage seems to end with a Light Show of Los Endos, if the filmer would have waited a few minutes, we could have had footage from the Suppers Ready Encore.

And if you try to dub some parts, you will notice that there is Footage from "Fontain of Salmacis", actually the only one known.

I Hope that Someday a Video footage will appear from Knebworth or Vienna, Just like it happened with the Lyceum gig. :-) [chinwildchicken]
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