16-Jan-1972, Festival, Charleroi, Belgium - The Musical Fox

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Title The Musical Fox
(Wild Bird Records WBR CD 9016)
Date 16-Jan-1972
Venue Festival, Charleroi
Country Belgium Type Audience
  Belgium Quality * B
  Media 1CD-R
Track # Track Name
Track Length
1.1Happy The Man
1.3Fountain Of Salmacis
1.4Twilight Alehouse
1.5Musical Box
1.6Return Of The Giant Hogweed
Total Running Time :

Recording Comments Recording comments
Claims to be from Basel, Switzerland - It's not

considering the age, on headphones this is a pretty clear listenable recording [squonkman]

This is one of the best sounding early audience-recorded Genesis bootlegs! Unfortunately it runs too fast pitchwise: it needs to be lowered by -2.5% to run at the right speed/pitch. (This show and the Piper Club, Rome 18-April-72, are probably the best sounding, and most essential [stereo!] audience-recorded shows from early 1972!) [syncopatico]
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Simon_Funnell (B+), Matt McMad, Salvi (B+), wbeens (B), neilston42, Chiffi_Argentina, davebriddon, alex (B), GrahamMuz (B+), rael_thing (B), Slipperman (B), CaptainRansid, alanh, chgars (B), Si_M, meek, therealovo, colinnaisbitt (B+), Ted_Sayers (B+), joeydrums, dr.dado, jvkl, vocaltange, SimonH (B+), Wren (B+), Nahuel_Argentina, squonk100, barryra2000, Ezequiel-Argentina, jonathanaye (B+), saintee, lovesick_alien, birdust, Genesiskev, hecko, jgromada, rickcoppola, NeilC (B+), psignosis, earlofendos, richiemcg, lamb79 (B), volvoRman, TomEiselberg (B), Spaceshifter, sndchaser (B+), mlpain24, Salmacis62 (B), cirrus, Bangsmith (B), patanjali, Jangley (B+), rudystammer, vanbijo, jackson, yild4genesis (B+), squonkman (B+), higgy (B), maurirhs (B+), josedequeso (B), fuelesfan, Face-Value (B), 2ndsout (B), shepherd70 (B), jill, nickp944, lurker11, ajh2908, freedown1 (C+), GenMan13
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