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Here are Mike Ruthereford's memories of this gig : "The first gig was at Brunel University and we were facing the wrong way and three deep! (laughter) becausewe weren't used to proper concert set ups. The Balme's dance was a party; a private party but Brunel was the first proper gig; our first public performance if you like.
It was hard to keep so many twelve strings in tune and we used to spend ages in the toilet trying to get these things in tune!"
(Extract from TWR #34) [alanh]

Please note that the 'Acton' indication is misleading:
Brunel University is in Kingston Lane, Uxbridge, Middlesex, UB8.
The confusion probably derived from the fact that in Acton there is an "Uxbridge Road", but no Brunel University of course. Mike and Ant's memories of the show clearly refer to the Brunel University instead. [Starless74]
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