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4th Mar 2019
He says he does not do Genesis songs or do a Lamb reunion tour because he does not look back but it seems that is all he does with the Sting tour and the So tour and now all the reissues. As long as it is his hits and there is money to be made. Just like Philly..........

7th May 2019
Agreed 100%, heehaa99. I was a MASSIVE Peter Gabriel fan for many, many years, but the increasingly long hiatuses and emphasis on the old albums finally went beyond the limits of even my interest. Someone born when Up came out is driving today. Think about that.

9th May 2019
Croweyes1121 Thank you. I almost feel bad saying it since Lamb is my fave of all time. He has givin so much. But rerecording vocals on "live" recordings and the Sting and Peter tour is too much !