Live Recordings Database

After many (many!) months of work, I am happy to present the Live Recordings database.

How It Works
What's New?

So far, this change encompasses the Genesis (including Remaster projects) part of the Live Recordings section. Over the next few months, I will continue work with the database to migrate all solo shows across into the database. They will start appearing in the new year. You may also have noticed that the Genesis and Remaster projects part of the Artwork Archive has also had a facelift.

How it works;
The Genesis part of the Live Recordings section has now been completely migrated into a database. Using MySQL and PHP, the information is extracted to produce the new listings pages for the Live Recordings and Artwork Archive.

What's new?;

A quick run-down of the new functionality is as follows;
Unregistered Users

Ability to register and login to the site (there is currently no charge for registration).
Ability to view entire gig list from each tour. If a recordings, memorabilia, comments etc. exist for that date, relevant icons will appear.
Band line-up details for each tour.
Songs played on each tour.
Other related recordings are also displayed in the show details.
Artwork for this recording is available from the show details and from the gig list.
Other related artwork is made available for download in the show details.
Extensive searching of the database.
View Top 10 recordings list.
Generate 'QuickLists' of users recordings..

Registered Users

Users can associate themselves with a recording, to show that they have a copy (user details are only available to other registered users).
Users can also include a quality grading for their recording which will a) be shown next their name in the ownership section and b) will be averaged with the other users quality's to give an overall quality rating.
Users can add recording comments and show memories to shows. (These will be emailed to me by the system and not added automatically)
Users can suggest corrections to dates and venues which will be put to a small forum for discussion (ticket stubs are always helpful here!)

View recordings owned by other members (Accessible from the Members list).
Create your own 'QuickList'.

Let me know if you find any bugs, errors, mis-links etc.

I'd like to take this opportunity to say a quick thanks to those who have contributed (and to those who will contribute in the future) to this project. In particular, those who participated in the testing stage (special thanks to Willem for testing and suggesting above and beyond the call of duty), and to Alan Hewitt for donating his gig guide which forms the basis of this database. Alan's book, Opening The Musical Box can still be purchased from Also I would like to thank Kathryn, my wife, for putting up with me disappearing for weeks on end to get this up and running.

"The rest, as always, is up to you" - Biko, Peter Gabriel.

Enjoy :-)