15-Nov-2002, Rockefeller Plaza, New York City NY, USA - Testify Today (DVD)

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17 years, 6 months, 16 days ago.

Title Testify Today (DVD)
Date 15-Nov-2002
Venue Rockefeller Plaza, New York City NY
Country USA Type Pro-Shot TV
  USA Quality * A+
  Media 1DVD-R
Standard NTSC Format 4:3
Track Listing
Day 1 - Intro / Can't Stop Loving You / Interview / You Can't Hurry Love
Day 2 - Promo / You'll Be In My Heart / Intro / Driving Me Crazy / Interview / Get Ready / Outro

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A really nice DVD- good job Liquid Len! [LivingForever]
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Simon_Funnell (A+), LivingForever, wbeens (A+), neilston42, Chiffi_Argentina, Slipperman, Soulier, SimonH (A+), liquidlen, hecko, jgromada, rickcoppola, earlofendos, mlpain24, ToneLoc, cirrus, vanbijo, kaysammy05, fuelesfan, Face-Value (A+), donkey, zervin (A+), anonimgal (A+), lurker11
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