29-Nov-1981, Nassau Coliseum, Long Island NY, USA - Three Sides Live

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Title Three Sides Live
(GMDVD 10)
Date 29-Nov-1981
Venue Nassau Coliseum, Long Island NY
Country USA Type Pro-Shot TV
  USA Quality * A+
  Media 1DVD-R
Standard NTSC Format 4:3
Track Listing
Behind The Lines / Duchess / Misunderstanding / Dodo / Abacab / No Reply At All / Who Dunnit / In The Cage (Cinema Show - Slippermen) / Afterglow / Me And Sarah Jane / Man On The Corner / Turn It On Again
Total Running Time : 1:21:55

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Recording Comments Recording comments
The DVD has this odd analog video noise from the LaserDisc which makes alot of things seem like they are glowing and dark areas grey instead of black (good example is the picture where tony is playing slippermen above). This doesn't happen on the LaserDisc I own so my guesses are: 1) This isn't the reissue version of the laserdisc in 1991 that was encoded with CX noise reduction, and 2) The LaserDisc player used for this didn't have a CX noise reduction decoder. I think it's most likely the first one because on the reissued version, there was a slight black emptyness on the video to the right. This doesn't have that(again, look at the screenshots). For that reason and due to lack of a concert (which was heavily edited), I give it an A-.

Still this is an enjoyable video regardless of video noise and is worth watching every once in awhile :). [itty12]

Correction: CX Noise removal is for sound only. The video noise I'm talking about also appears on some other GMDVD releases for things such as Bataclan '72. I believe the problem was the capture card used wasn't the greatest. [itty12]
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29-Nov-1981 Nassau Coliseum, Long Island NY - Collection 1976 - 1980 (DVD)

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