Genesis Collection 1974 (DVD)

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Title Genesis Collection 1974 (DVD)
(GMDVD 05)
Country Type Pro-Shot TV
  Quality * A-
  Media 1DVD-R
Standard NTSC Format 4:3
Track Listing
(Melody, ORTF TV Studios - 12-Feb-74) I Know What I Like / Supper's Ready - 30:14
(University Sports Arena, Montreal - 20-Apr-74)16mm Silent Footage With Dubbed Sound - 43:31
(Santa Monica, California - 21-Mar-74) 8mm Silent Footage With Dubbed Sound - 25:09
(Academy Of Music, NY - 06-May-74) 8mm Silent Footage With Dubbed Sound - 07:25
Total Running Time : 1:46:19

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Recording Comments Recording comments
I can't seem to find an individual entry for Santa Monica so I'll comment on it here. Yes it is 8mm and it has dubbed sound; I presume from the audience recording from the same date. Quality is rather dark and generally unstable. Also, you do not get full songs here; only certain portions of varying lengths. I love anything by the band so I enjoyed it for what it was but I imagine some people would give it a pass due to its questionable quality and incomplete state. [duke23]
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