Genesis Collection 1976+1977 (DVD)

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Title Genesis Collection 1976+1977 (DVD)
(GMDVD 02)
Country Type Pro-Shot TV
  Quality * A
  Media 1DVD-R
Standard NTSC Format 4:3
Track Listing
(Hamburg, Germany - 29-Jun-76) Silent 8mm - 12:55
(Rainbow, London - 01-Jan-77) Eleventh Earl Of Mar / One For The Vine / Your Own Special Way - 07:37
(Mike Douglas - 29-Mar-77) Your Own Special Way / Afterglow - 08:07
(Dallas, Texas - 19-Mar-77) Firth Of Fifth / Dance On A Volcano / Drum Duet / Los Endos / The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway / The Musical Box (Ending Section) - 27:33
(Genesis In Concert - 9&10-Jul-76) Opening / I Know What I Like / Fly On A Windshield / Carpet Crawl / The Cinema Show (Part Two) / Entangled / Supper's Ready (Part Two) / Los Endos - 42:38
Total Running Time : 1:38:50

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Recording Comments Recording comments
Nice collection as a whole. The two of note are the Seconds Out Promo in Dallas and the In Concert 76 film. A couple of these in here; I believe Hamburg and In concert 76 are really heavy on one channel. The other stereo channel is almost nonexistent. Not sure if this is just my copy or what. Hamburg is just clips all over the place set against the backdrop of Squonk and White Mountain. They don't match the video at all. The Rainbow material is primarily set against audio from the Wind and Wuthering Album but is synced up pretty well. The Mike Douglas footage is nice to have but dismal quality. The band cut Your Own Special Way to 4 minutes or so but Afterglow is complete. That material is also a lip sync to the Wind and Wuthering Studio cuts. All in all pretty nice to have all this in one place but Hamburg and Rainbow aren't really essential in my humble opinion. [duke23]

I also wanted to add that portions of the Dallas material have some tape damage. [duke23]
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