28-Mar-1976, Century Theatre, Buffalo NY, USA - Tracer Version

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Title Tracer Version
Date 28-Mar-1976
Venue Century Theatre, Buffalo NY
Country USA Type Backstage Mic
  USA Quality * A-
  Media 2CD-R
Track # Track Name
1.1Dance On A Volcano
1.2The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway
1.3Fly On A Windshield
1.4Carpet Crawlers
1.5Cinema Show
1.6Robbery, Assault & Battery
2.1White Mountain
2.2Firth Of Fifth
2.5I Know What I Like
2.6Los Endos
Total Running Time :

Recording Comments Recording comments
Actually recorded with a backstage mic, through the desk.
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Show Memories Show memories
My brand-new Minolta SRT-102 camera was broken the day before this show so I could not take any photos. It was a very cold evening, even for late March. The 'new' Century Theatre, as it was called at the time [see ticket scan on this site] was actually an old vaudeville-era movie theatre (opened 1921), used during the 70's for concerts by Harvey & Corky Productions. (Harvey is Harvey Weinstein, head of Miramax Pictures.) I think Phil wore a Buffalo Sabres (hockey team) jersey for the show, or perhaps for the encore. I was 18 and in awe. Steve's playing was mesmerizing. These were heady times...I remember when the house lights came up after the show a cloud of smoke descended from the ceiling almost to the front row of the balcony. This was the last time Genesis played this venue in Buffalo, moving to the 18,000-seat Memorial Auditorium from Wind & Wuthering on. [jwurstner]
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28-Mar-1976 Century Theatre, Buffalo NY - Dance on Buffalo

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