30-Sep-1986, Madison Square Gardens, New York NY, USA - Invisible Garden

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Title Invisible Garden
(BURP 016)
Date 30-Sep-1986
Venue Madison Square Gardens, New York NY
Country USA Type Soundboard
  USA Quality * A
  Media 2CD-R
Track # Track Name
Track Length
1.3Land Of Confusion
1.4That's All
1.6The Last Domino
1.7In Too Deep
1.8The Brazillian
1.9Follow You, Follow Me
1.10Tonight, Tonight, Tonight
2.1Audience Participation Time
2.2Home By The Sea
2.3Second Home By The Sea
2.4Throwing It All Away
2.5In The Cage
2.6In That Quiet Earth
2.7Supper's Ready (From Apocalypse In 9/8)
2.8Inivisble Touch
2.9Drum Duet
2.10Los Endos
2.11Turn It On Again
Total Running Time :

Recording Comments Recording comments
Low generation clone from Fisher Lane Farm master & is complete

Very nice recording. I really enjoy the set list on this concert. The medley is nice and different from past tours. If you listen really carefully you can hear the fans at the show go nuts when the supper's ready part starts.
I am not sure if it my copy but the beginning of the second disk sounds like there is some static. But overall a must have for any collector. [ChrisfromPhilly]

This recording is really great! Big improvement when you listened to Outvisible Side. The setlist is very different from other shows from this tour. A really nice remaster from BURP!!! Thanks for this! [GedLynch]

I think this show tends to labour on a little, some of the songs seem really slow, especially the end of Suppers Ready, almost to the point of it dragging on slightly. The majority of the concert is fine. Other than this, a really good recording, I enjoy it. [fosco]

There are some minor swirlings in the recording (so I think the source is tape?) and the audiance is very faint in the recording but the show is very good and I love it. Also try to compare this to for example the wembley dvd and you can actually hear howmuch that one is drenched in Nick Davis famous bathroom reverbs... The brazillian sounds so different on this recording. Love it ! Supper is awesome ! Also nice to hear follow you and into deep... Really a musthave from this tour ! [santibanks]

Songs tend to be slow, sound is good but a little "thin". G. [Gigio67]

Great recording, although for a soundboard this is somewhat disappointing. Compared to the soundboards from the 1977, 1978 and 1980 tours this is a step back rather than a step forward in terms of sound quality. Still, it's the best sounding complete recording from the US leg of the tour and therefore a must have. [mdekoning]

I have to say that this is a very good recording. But I am disappointed during Land of Confusion and other songs. It sounds like a C+ audience but a great concert none the less! [legalbeagle]

Great setlist. Contains songs later dropped on the Tour. It is not the greatest board recording in the world but it is an enjoyable show nonetheless. [duke23]
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