Fisher Lane Farm, England - Abacab Complete Second Edition

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Title Abacab Complete Second Edition
Venue Fisher Lane Farm
Country England Type Studio
  England Quality * A+
  Media 1CD-R
Track # Track Name
Track Length
1.2Jangley (You Might Recall)
1.3Nationwide (No Reply At All)
1.4German I & II (Dodo/Lurker)
1.5Sub (Submarine)
1.6Vocal 3/4 (Naminanu)
1.7Chunkey (Me & Virgil)
1.8Odd (Keep It Dark)
1.9Spike (Me & Sarah Jane)
1.10Westside (Another Record)
1.11Wierdsynth (Who Dunnit?)
1.12Lonely Man (Man On The Corner)
1.13Don (Like It Or Not)
1.15Abacab Single Version
Total Running Time :

Recording Comments Recording comments
A new transfer from the Farm master tape - this time done without Dolby Noise adminuction, and without the short skips and noises that marred the first transfer. In all honesty, there is not that much that's different about any of these tracks - a drum part missing here, an extra harmony there. Even the often-referred-to 'medley' of Dodo/Lurker/Submarine is a disappointment, as you have to turn the volume right up to hear any kind of link and even then it sounds like Submarine is started just as Lurker is just fading out, not very interesting (in my humble opinion.) [LivingForever]

A Very Good Recording from the Abacab Sessions. Naminanu and You Might Recall sound diffrent, so in an Ealier Status(Sound Effects a Missing and Drums on the Beginning from Naminanu).Also Another Record has a Real Ending and not a Fade-Out. For Sure a Musthave :) [chinwildchicken]

Sounds almost like the album, except for a few different intros (You Might Recall) and endings (Another Record). Also, Submarine has a different drum pattern. No surprise, since Genesis almost never varied from the script by this time. [bangsmith]
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