04-Jul-1987, Wembley Stadium, London, England - Live In The City Of Light

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Title Live In The City Of Light
Date 04-Jul-1987
Venue Wembley Stadium, London
Country England Type Pre-FM
  England Quality * A+
  Media 2CD-R
Track # Track Name
Track Length
1.4Thatís All
1.5The Brazilian
1.6In The Cage / In That Quiet Earth / Afterglow
1.7Land Of Confusion
2.1Tonight, Tonight, Tonight
2.2Throwing It All Away
2.3Audience Participation
2.4Home By The Sea / Second Home By The Sea
2.5Invisible Touch
2.6Drum Duet
2.7Los Endos
2.8Turn It On Again + Medley
Total Running Time :

Recording Comments Recording comments
No DJ commentry after Los Endos and has 'exit' music after TIOA

Probably the best sound of any boot, in my collection at least. Taken directly from the BBC master DAT, the sound is better than an official release and considerably better than any FM recording of the same show. There are only 2 extremely minor flaws which stop the set from being 100% perfect, a tiny micro-silence in 'Throwing It All Away', and a barely noticeable skip in 'Home By The Sea' - otherwise it's unmissable. [LivingForever]

Recording is from Hit and Run's master, not the BBC's. [doublebassy]

Five copies of this CDR were auctioned for charity. They were on very poor quality CDRs so the errors may be different depending on the source. My copy had three glitches in Throwing It All Away but none in Home By The Sea. [doublebassy]

Perfect, it could be an official release. G. [Gigio67]

There was a torrent on this site recently with a corrected "Throwing it all away" (the version doublebassy mentions is the only version around as far as I know). The job was done very well, now we finally have a flawless version of this amazing boot. [mdekoning]

@ mdekonig: I did the patching, and thanx for the nice words! However, completists should be aware, that the patched version is faked in the sense that 3 ~1 second snipets were taken from other places in the song to cover the gaps. You have to have a really keen ear to notice this, but some collectors will frown upon the fact that the song is only 99 % like it was actually played. Of course, I prefer the song without gaps, but each his own right to determine what he prefers. [kaspergm]

More than likely the best sounding recording ever! The crowd practically envelops your ears as if you are in the old Wembley Stadium. This has a very robust earnestness to its mix. The Brazilian really kicks butt here. Really nice to hear the cage medley also. Not much else to say. It is just a really fantastic experience and a great recording! [duke23]
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Simon_Funnell (A+), Matt McMad, LivingForever (A+), squonkduke (A+), Kaspergm (A+), wbeens (A+), neilston42, Chiffi_Argentina, davebriddon (A+), Tradax, GrahamMuz (A+), CaptainRansid (A+), kotti (A+), meek (A+), magnetopat, therealovo, fsramire, tori (A+), dnhartle, jvkl, SimonH (A+), OFTV, squonk100, saintee, andykeego (A+), doublebassy (A+), hecko, PhilCollins2004, rickcoppola, Southpaw, NeilC (A+), PaulHarald (A+), bizon, octopus92 (A+), earlofendos (A+), lamb79 (A+), volvoRman, TomEiselberg (A), UK76 (A+), Gigio67 (A+), Home_By_The_Sea, assureaseggsiseggs, fosco (A+), mlpain24, Goran (A+), OldHenry, mdekoning (A+), lolke (A+), cirrus (A+), Ron81 (A+), patanjali, Jangley (A+), misteroman (A+), rudystammer, Logan5 (A+), vanbijo, jackson, jtpcg123, rkipp, yild4genesis (A+), MetalMike (A+), Blake (A+), Dorsetbay (A+), maurirhs (A+), fuelesfan, Face-Value (A+), Schniwupo42 (A+), Pater (A+), tmmadhatter, Squonkendos (A+), davidraphael (A+), musicalbox_71 (A+), andrewk (A+), neals, ACE (A+), hookstone, frdodd, earlofmar56, Matze, zervin (A+), lurker11, GenMan13, Etem_T, AndrewKeego
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