11-Oct-1972, St George’s Hall, Bradford, England

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Date 11-Oct-1972
Venue St George’s Hall, Bradford
Country England Type Audience
  England Quality * B
  Media 1CD-R
Track # Track Name
Track Length
1.1Watcher Of The Skies
1.2Get 'Em Out By Friday
1.3The Musical Box
1.4Return Of The Giant Hogweed
Total Running Time :

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Appears to be the same source as Squonk's Revival 01 & 02,but a higher generation
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Simon_Funnell (B), Matt McMad, Salvi (C+), neilston42, Chiffi_Argentina, Tradax, GrahamMuz (B), Slipperman (B), CaptainRansid (B), alanh, chgars (B), meek, colinnaisbitt (B), dr.dado, jvkl, SimonH (B-), Wren, squonk100, Ezequiel-Argentina, saintee, rickcoppola, richiemcg, volvoRman, Spaceshifter, Ecki, sndchaser (B+), cirrus, patanjali, rudystammer, jackson, fuelesfan, Face-Value (B), shepherd70 (B-), Squonkendos (B-), Windsorian17 (B-), benroberts79
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11-Oct-1972 St George’s Hall, Bradford
11-Oct-1972 St George’s Hall, Bradford - Squonk's Revival 01 & 02

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