20-Jan-1977, Gaumont Theatre, Southampton, England - In A House Of Dreams

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Title In A House Of Dreams
(I4Detail 004)
Date 20-Jan-1977
Venue Gaumont Theatre, Southampton
Country England Type Soundboard
  England Quality * A+
  Media 2CD-R
Track # Track Name
Track Length
1.2Chat - Good Evening
1.3One For The Vine
1.4Chat - A Silly Story
1.5Robbery, Assault And Battery
1.6Chat - Myrtle The Mermaid
1.7Your Own Special Way
1.8Chat - Steve's Intro
1.9Firth Of Fifth
1.10Chat - Something From Our New Record
1.11In That Quiet Earth (First Part)
1.12In That Quiet Earth (Second Part)
1.14I Know What I Like
1.15Chat - Mike's Intro
1.16Eleventh Earl Of Mar
2.1Chat - Hopsital Radio
2.2Carpet Crawlers
2.3Chat - The Mouse
2.4All In A Mouse's Night
2.5Chat - A Bloody Stupid Story
2.6Supper's Ready
2.7Dance On A Volcano
2.8Drum Duet
2.9Los Endos
2.10The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway
2.11The Musical Box (Closing Section)
Total Running Time :

Recording Comments Recording comments
Still my favourite version of this show. Shame about the lack of Bass guitar but there wasn't a lot that culd be done. [LivingForever]

Nice release, levels are higher than BURP010 but the sound is less brilliant and less dynamic. [Gigio67]

If a choice needs to be made amongst the early '77 England gigs, this gets my vote - there is some audience presence off the soundboard. I4Detail really got something out of nothing in terms of the lack of bass response from earlier versions {actually kicked the high end up a bit more than my ears would like frankly}. Your Own Special Way and All In A Mouse's Night are welcome rarities, but both didn't read well live at all - Inside and Out was a nice addition to the later sets on this tour. Carpet Crawlers is a mess at the start. Afterwards Phil says sarcastically, "I think we enjoyed that one too." In the end, I'll go with an A rating overall here because it beats the Rainbow SB, but, Digital brothers' Zurich is still the gold standard from this tour - perhaps a matrix of the audience and the board of this gig might yield some cool results? Peace! [jrromman]

Despite the hiss and the occasional pop or two, I enjoyed this one quite a lot. The inclusion of All in a Mouse's Night is a treat to hear since they would drop it eventually from the set. It still cannot touch Zurich or Dallas in my opinion but still worth a listen for sure. [duke23]
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