09-Apr-1972, Lem (2 shows), Verona, Italy - Sharpened To The Hilt

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Title Sharpened To The Hilt
Date 09-Apr-1972
Venue Lem (2 shows), Verona
Country Italy Type Audience
  Italy Quality * C
  Media 1CD-R
Track # Track Name
1.1Happy The Man (Verona 15-Apr-72)
1.2Stagnation (Verona 15-Apr-72)
1.3The Knife (Verona 15-Apr-72)
1.4Going Out To Get You (Verona 15-Apr-72)
1.5Drum Solo (Lugo di Romagna 09-Apr-72)
1.6Twilight Alehouse (Lugo di Romagna 09-Apr-72)
1.7Bye Bye Johnny (Lugo di Romagna 09-Apr-72)
Total Running Time :

Recording Comments Recording comments
Only the last 3 tracks are actually from the LEM show in Verona, the first four come from 15-4-1972 [Ezequiel-Argentina]

I have an alternate version of this, which I received on CD-R in a trade from a long-time Genesis collector. He had recorded it directly from the original vinyl bootleg, but made the following changes: the running order of the STTH bootleg was made chronological; an added track [from the BBC sessions of February 3rd, based upon an A/B comparison]. I believe some minor audio tweaking has been performed on the tracks, but given the historical significance, this can be overlooked. [lovesick_alien]
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Problems occur and Phil does one handed drum solo
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09-Apr-1972 Lem (2 shows), Verona
09-Apr-1972 Lem (2 shows), Verona - Sharpened To The Hilt
09-Apr-1972 Lem (2 shows), Verona

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