22-Jul-1993, Great Western Forum, Los Angeles CA, USA

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Date 22-Jul-1993
Venue Great Western Forum, Los Angeles CA
Country USA Type Audience
  USA Quality * A-
  Media 2CD-R
Track # Track Name
1.1Come Talk To Me
1.3Games Without Frontiers
1.4Across The River
1.5Blood Of Eden
1.6San Jacinto
1.7Shock The Monkey [cut]
1.8Washing Of The Water
2.1Washing Of The Water
2.2Solsbury Hill
2.3Digging In The Dirt
2.5Secret World
2.6In Your Eyes
Total Running Time :

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Disc One Appears To Have Tracks Split In The Wrong Place
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Audio Recording Users owning this recording (including quality rating)
Simon_Funnell (A), Jesper Moonen, wbeens (A), Tradax, Slipperman, alanh (B+), meek, Ted_Sayers, Soulier, jvkl, SimonH (A), Wren, jgromada (A-), rickcoppola, Southpaw, guam10, cuervo (B+), cirrus (A-), vanbijo, fuelesfan, jill
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22-Jul-1993 Great Western Forum, Los Angeles CA - Los Angeles 93 (DVD)

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