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Recorded in quadraphonic by Ken Rasek for WXRT Chicago.
Tracks 1-7 transferred, restored and processed from the SQ-encoded pre-FM broadcast reels acquired and provided by the ‘Meeksgenesis‘ group of collectors.
Tracks 8-9 processed and restored/remastered from the SQ-encoded "Squared" bootleg.

Mastering, Authoring and Artwork by TM 2015.
Project direction and liner notes by David Dunnington.

CD: Stereo (SQ-encoded).

AVCHD: Quadraphonic with re-channelled Center and LFE (5.1 Surround).

Audio format: DTS-HD MasterAudio (lossless), 48 kHz, 24 Bit.

For 20 years this particular WXRT recording was available only via a
rare 1982 bootleg LP "Squared", the clever title being both a mathematical pun "(Brand) x-squared" and a linguistic pun "SQ aired".

Mastered at half speed, the LP has excellent sound and was considered for an early official archive release, aborted after threats from Charisma management "Hit & Run". It finally received release as part of the "Timeline" compilation [Buckyball Records], Percy Jones explained: \"Hit & Run stopped bothering us now ... they probably think ... they might open a can of worms\" [2]. Along with a faithful digitization of the old "Squared" LP (complete with detectable vinyl noise), "Timeline" has three additional tracks which sound to taken from a worse quality tape from broadcast: Deadly Nightshade, Malaga Vergen and the rarely performed Euthanasia Waltz.

Our TM release was sourced from SQ encoded reel-to-reel tape purchased through generous donations from the 'Meeksgenesis' group of collectors. Not only is the tape free of vinyl noise, it also contains upgrades of those three songs missing from "Squares" together with portions of the show not previously available, namely Earth Dance and the full version of Why Should I Lend You Mine ... which on "Squared" is truncated after three minutes. In all probability these reels were prepared by Ken Rasek from the four track masters to service a particular WXRT broadcast.

Disco Suicide, almost certainly the opening number, appeared on the end of the reel and we left it there to be true to Ken's original intent.
The reels have been carefully restored and SQ decoded to showcase the music in all its surround sound glory. Bonus tracks to the surround sound disc, Nightmare Patrol and Nuclear Burn, were missing from the tape and have been taken from the "Squared" bootleg.
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